Live Without Pretending

Happy Birthday to my 5 year old, who was a 2 in this picture!

Probably the biggest worry I have about all of our fun posts is that you won't know we are real moms behind these posts who have good days and bad days.  We have days where we stay in pajamas until way too late in the day. We let our groceries dwindle down to nothing {avoiding the grocery store at all costs} and then come up with some pretty creative dinners and sack lunches as a result.  We constantly battle the mounds of laundry.  And our kids have meltdowns in the middle of a public setting.  We are real moms.

My friend is on a campaign to get everyone to "live without pretending".  One of her many talents is being a family counselor and she has a wonderful radio show.  When she shared her focus and pictures of herself not getting dressed until 3:00 and her 2-month expired drivers license, it made me smile.  Because I relate!

None of us are perfect and we are all doing our best in this world.  So lest you think we have it all together.. here is a post I found that I wrote a couple years back about my now 5 year old.  I am thinking I should do a post at age 5.  Although different things, I could probably put together an equally humorous list that would include being able to smell candy that is in the bottom of a barrel of grain!

In the space of 48 hours, my 2-year- old...

Filled the toilet with a whole role of toilet paper TWICE
dumped out a jar of red glitter
dumped out a cup that had conversation hearts dissolved in it... STAIN
Poured glitter on homemade cupcakes
Helped himself to those cupcakes, making cupcake crumbs all over the kitchen floor and carpet
Dumped out a bag of animal crackers ALL over the kitchen
Had an accident on the carpet
Helped himself to a container of ice cream and sat down in the middle of the kitchen
dumped out his brother's popcorn container during a movie
Dumped out all the toys in the toy room
Poured a cup of water out of the bathtub

An awful lot of dumping and messing..all the while, smiling, happy, and quiet as can be.  Someday, he'll have a two year old doing the same things and I'm going to laugh, right??? I.can't.take.my.eyes.off.him!!!

Happiest Birthday to the funniest and most entertaining 5 year old who keeps me on my toes!

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