School Birthday Treats for the cold winter months...

I have a daughter with a December birthday.  So I try to be careful to not overlook it with all of the holiday craziness.  As a result, this year I went a little crazy on the school birthday treat.  Normally I go simple and send cookies or fruit by the foot.  But this year, we took our snowman donut idea from our Christmas party and adapted it for school.
The other kids thought they were pretty cool!
Needed - skewers, powdered donuts, mini chocolate chips, tic tacs, red hots and pull & peel licorice. 
{Forgive the smashed snowmen.  There's a long story with those.  But it has to do with leaving 2 little boys in the car while I talked to a friend.  And forgetting the donuts were still in there!  Oops!}


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