Happy Birthday: Harry Potter Style Birthday Party!

My daughter's birthday is today, so in honor, I thought I'd post her party from last year.  It was a huge success!  Her birthday party theme was Harry Potter, so if you have any Crazy Harry Potter fans, jot down these birthday party ideas!

  • House Sorting: When the kids arrived, we sorted them into houses.  This was the most magical moment of the party!  {Read this in secret if you want it to be as magical!}  I had a hat we placed on each child's head.  Then my sister put a cell phone that was on in a glove on her hand.  She would place the sorting hat on the various children's heads.  On the other end of the line was my dad with a phone.  He had a list of the children and sorted them into houses accordingly.  You could hear him call out their houses and the kids were amazed at the sorting hat! {You can see a little snippet in the video at the top of this post.}
  • Hogwarts: Next we went to Hogwarts to get ourselves educated.  In our houses (we chose to do 3 houses and not make anyone be in Slytherin), we rotated in 3 groups.  
  • 1 group made wands.  We did this with wooden dowels that I had painted black.  I gave them gold pipe cleaner to wrap around them.  We hot glued pom poms on the top and had other various accessories to fancy them up.  
  • The second group made feather pens.  We took regular pens side by side with a large feather and wrapped them with green floral tape.  Makes for an easy and fun feather pen.  
  • The last group made spell books.  I copied spells from Harry Potter that I found here .  Then I had black cardstock that I stapled to the front and back.  Each party guest had white crayons and wizardry stickers to decorate their books.
  • Before we left Hogwarts, we also had a group Potions Class.  Each party guest got a mini cauldron that I got at a local party shop.  The best time to get these is around St. Patrick's Day.  
I had baking soda in one jar, vinegar in another, and food coloring.  By combining the 3 ingredients, we were able to make a bubbling, exploding mixture that fizzled all over.  And the kids loved it!
  • The last stop at Hogwarts was with Professor Trelawney.  My oldest daughter dressed up as her and got "tea leaves" and told everyone's fortunes.  She did a pretty cute job!
  • We enjoyed a Harry Potter cake that I made in the shape of a book.  I found fun gold sprinkles and used my star shaped frosting tip to do the H and P.  Then I laid my daughter's Harry Potter glasses and wand beside the book.  And finally, I made a golden snitch with a yellow gumball and 2 feathers glued to it.
  • No Harry Potter party would be complete without Quidditch.  So we came up with a creative idea to play it without flying and broomsticks.  So each child received a golden balloon with that was tied to their foot with a piece of string.  Inside was a bouncy ball that was painted gold.  The goal was to pop everyone elses balloons and protect your own.  The last person with their balloon intact won the game.
  • And finally for our party bag (along with the wands, feather pens, spell books, and cauldrons), we let the kids go to Honeydukes.  They each got a bag to fill with goodies.  I had various kinds of candies in fun glass jars.  
My favorite was the every flavor beans we made with custom tags.
It was definitely one of the best parties we've done here at home.  The kids were in heaven! SO... on to work on this year's party!

Enjoy our free printable for Bertie Botts Jelly Beans

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worldinarms said...

hi andrea! just a comment to say "I followed you" (I know it took me a long time to catch up . . .) and I LOVE your blog! Great ideas for family time and traditions - thank you and keep posting!!