Pay the Maid!

Christmas is over. Now there's the big question of what to do with all of those new gifts?  And how to keep it clean?

Perhaps the theme for our family this year was organization.  I think it will be for 2012 too! Maybe it was having 5 kids and trying to regain control. But we have done a lot of little projects that have simplified our life greatly. First, I took ALL the toys out of the bedrooms and made a toy room in the basement. Thanks to Ikea, we organized all the toys and everything has a place. It's AMAZING how clean it stays and how easy it is to clean.
With all the toys out, the kid's rooms became just what they are meant for - bedrooms!

So... now I need motivation for the kids to KEEP it organized. I found a great idea on Family Fun that has been working!  I am constantly having to change up motivation programs to keep my kids on their toes with jobs.  They have all worked, but eventually over time the excitement fizzles out.  We've done marble jars,  Magnetic Job Boards, mom's store, job sticks, etc.  Well the latest motivation fad at our house is to "pay the maid".  That's right.  I'm getting paid!  Kind of.  The idea is to give the kids a roll of quarters at the start of the month and then whenever I find something out of place, have them pay me a quarter to be the maid and pick it up for them.  Whatever is left at the end of the month is theirs to save or spend however they want.  I only had so many quarters on hand and was ready to start immediately when I saw the idea.  So instead, I gave them $2.50 for the week.  I think it's a nice trial run so the most they can lose for the first week is that much.  So far so good.  I am amazed how clean the girl's room has stayed!  Cross your fingers this habit stays!

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