"Snow" much fun at Christmas House Rotations!

Two other moms and I have switched off having each other's kids for 4 hours, so we could get Christmas done.  Well this week, it was my turn.
To start, I had a Christmas bag with strips of paper in it.  

The kids pulled one out at a time and we did our advent Christmas chain in a couple of hours.  The strips of paper said: make up a Christmas play, dance to Christmas music, Christmas craft, Christmas snack, Christmas game (BINGO), Christmas service project, Christmas story go around*, Christmas Read-a-thon around the tree, Christmas movie, sing Christmas songs.

*Christmas story go around is where we sit down and one person starts to make up a Christmas story.  The next person adds to it and so on until someone finally concludes it.  The kids LOVED this!

These strips of paper made it really easy to stay organized and flowing. 

Thanks to Pinterest, I found some very cute and *simple* crafts and treats.  I am all about cute, but simple!

Spiral Snowmen
These were SO easy and look delightful on the Christmas tree

Donut Snowmen on a Stick
(My adaptation - I used tic-tacs instead of carrots.  Way to be unhealthy, I know!  But they were fun!)

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