Christmas House Rotations

All of my kids are off track from school and I LOVE it!  But it also makes it hard to get Christmas projects done. So three moms and I came up with a solution.  We would rotate having the kids at our houses so that we can have an afternoon free a week to finish things up.

When it's my turn, I plan on turning the afternoon over to my daughter.  We are supposed to plan activities and Christmas fun to entertain the kids.  A few years ago, my daughter did just that with a Christmas party with her friends...

She kept asking me to have a Christmas party with her four best friends from school.  I finally agreed under the conditions that she did all the planning and preparing herself and all the supplies were things we already had . I should do this every time I have a party, including birthday parties. I think she pulled it off better than I would have!

Here was her checklist I found:

P.P (Party Plans)
1. Dance to Christmas Music
2. Make Christmas bracelets
3. Put on a Christmas Play
4. Make gingerbread houses
(I encouraged frost cupcakes on this one to make it a little simpler)

5. Sing Christmas carols
6. Make ornaments
This was done by tying red and white yarn in a knot.  There were four to six pieces of string of each color.  Then you wrap them interchangeably around a piece of pipe cleaner and tie a knot at the end again.  Bend the pipe cleaner in the shape of a candy cane. Tie a bow on it.  And voila!  You have a simple and adorable ornament.
7. Draw a Christmas scene
8. Read Christmas books
9. Spy while we wait for moms and dads to come pick us up.

My daughter made the invitations, picked out the music, pre-strung all of the bracelets, wrote the story that they acted out for the play, baked the cupcakes, and prepared everything else. The only thing I helped with was coming up with the candy cane ornament idea. For the Christmas carols, she had a stuffed santa that they passed around while she played music. Whoever was holding it when the music stopped got to choose what carol they sang. What a creative idea... all hers... It is really fun to see her plan and succeed at such a fun activity.

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