Teaching the Trade

My neighbor and I taught a class tonight about how to get started with couponing. I think we might have overwhelmed everyone with all the deals you can get! Don't give up on me girls. I'll coach you through it. We began the evening by asking everyone to predict how much they thought we spent on these products (including the items on the table and fireplace). The lucky winner got a coupon binder as a prize with smarties for being so smart. So I am wondering what your predictions are before I post the total amount. Click on the picture for a more detailed view. This is all before taxes...

{And no fair guessing if you came to the party!}

**For those of you that came, here are the answers to two questions that I promised to answer in a post:

1) the Newspaper code to get 52 weeks for $39.00 is below:
Right now only new subscribers (in the last 60 days) can get 52 weeks of the Salt Lake Tribune for $39
(Fri-Sun print editions, Mon-Thur e-Edition)
Ask for code 52/39T

2) The All You Magazine that is often referred to on pinchingyourpennies and other blogs has a deal for 2 years at $17.99! They are normally $2.50 at the stores for one magazine. So this is a great deal. I found the deal here and all the details on how to get it. It is full of coupons every month, often for free items. This month has no free items, but TONS of coupons!

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