Tax Day Freebies...

Today I went to Johnny Carinos for lunch, totally free. {My husband laughs that my meal was free, but they still got him in the door to buy a meal... great advertising!} The coupon came in our newspaper a few weeks ago for a free meal (up to $9.99) and a 1 1b. bag of pasta to take home. It worked and it was yummy. I tried the Chicken Penne Gorgonzola and my husband had Bowtie Festival. We both preferred the Gorgonzola, but enjoyed them regardless.
*If you did save the coupon, it is good until 6/30/09, so make a date!*

Afterwards, we stopped by Maggie Moos ice cream since it was next door for a free "cup" of ice cream. I don't know if all the stores are the same, but it is a small cup. But free! Since I was right next door, I'm glad I stopped in. I don't know that I would drive an hour for the size of cup, but if you are driving by, stop on in. I tried the Cinamoo ice cream and since I was so full from lunch, a small cup hit the spot.

Since my husband and I were kid-free, we stopped at a Subway we were passing by to get them a free cookie for our kids. Our Subway had NO CLUE what I was talking about, but said if I brought in a print out of the article, they'd probably honor it. So if you're going to try this, either call ahead or take a print out in. No big deal. I got freebies and a date with my husband. A day well spent!

Now I've got to finish preparing for a coupon class I am teaching my neighbors tonight...

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