Food Co-op of Utah

At my class I taught last night, someone brought up the Food Co-op of Utah and I had never heard of it. So I did some research and hope to be able to try it out. They require 2 hours of community service {outside of your family} a month, but this can include school or church. I'm definitely covered! I am excited about this because the main part of my grocery bill each month comes from milk {my kids drink 4-5 gallons a week!}, bread, produce, and meat. Occasionally stores will have sales for free meat like Albertsons did last week or free eggs and milk when you purchase select items. But usually these items are not free and I just have to watch the ads to price match at Walmart, send my husband to Costco for, or find great meat sales to stock our freezer with! This is a great find for my fellow Utah readers...

The Community Food Coop of Utah
You can buy quality, healthy food for up to 50% off retail from the Community Food Co-op. Each month, we select about 15 items that you’re most likely to buy at the grocery store -- mostly fresh fruit, vegetables, staple items and frozen meat. Then through collective purchasing, we order mass quantities of these items at very low prices. Our food will come from the same wholesalers that supply your local grocery store, so you can expect the same quality. The food will NEVER be donated, out-dated, or damaged.

The order deadline for April has passed, so sign up for May and try this out yourself!

**While running today, my running partner told me about a friend who uses this program. She loves it and has never had any problems with the quality. She did say that sometimes she get something she doesn't know what to do with, like an eggplant. But she just searches the internet and finds a recipe that works for her!**

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