Getting Started lesson #2...But I don't get the newspaper...

... don't give up on me just because you don't get the newspaper.

If you are interested in a newspaper...

Near me, Sunday newspapers are sold at local grocery stores on Monday and Tuesday for $2.00 and you get 2 Newspapers (1 Deseret News and 1 Salt Lake Tribune) with coupon inserts. Last week there were 5 coupon inserts! That would definitely have been worth buying the grocery bundle! Call your local grocer and see if this is available.

You can check www.pinchingyourpennies.com and they have several newspaper options listed for varying locations in the state forums. I like to be aware of these and ask my friends and neighbors BEFORE I call the Newspaper agency because from my experience, they are NOT going to tell you about specials unless you ask about them. Kind of like the pizza places! The best deals are usually for first time newspaper subscribers. For example:
right now only new subscribers (in the last 60 days) in my area can get 52 weeks of the Salt Lake Tribune for $39
(Fri-Sun print editions, Mon-Thur e-Edition)
Ask for code 52/39
(Thanks to PYP for the info!)

If you already have a newspaper... I learned a while ago that if you call in and say you heard there was a better deal, often times they will give it to you! My friend was paying the same amount for her monthly newspaper as I was in a year! If you think you are paying too much, do something about it!

What if you don't have a paper and have no intentions of getting one?

The latest fad is internet coupons. You can print them from target.com, boodle.com, Coupons.com, smartsource.com, bettycrocker.com, boxtops4education.com, pillsbury.com, redplum.com, allfullcup.com, hotcouponworld.com, and many manufacturer's websites. Many of these websites allot a certain number of internet coupons. When they are gone... they are gone. So if you see one that is high value or something you definitely would use, print it off when you see it.

A new feature is through Smith's grocery store's website where you can download your coupons right onto your preferred card. No need to clip or use up your printer ink! You can only put a certain number of coupons on at a time, but if you need more, you can always just print them off.

One thing to note... Albertsons has gotten strict about their printable coupons and is requiring them to be color copied now. Bummer.. my color ink cartridge doesn't work. That's the only store I've heard using this policy so far.

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Rachel said...

Weirdly enough, after writing my comment on your other post today, I went to the grocery store, and they had a representative there who was offering a great deal on the Sunday newspaper. $39 for the year with $20 instant cash back, so it ended up being just $19 for the year. Not bad. I'm sure I can squeeze at leat 36 cents of coupons out of each paper to make it worth it :)