Getting started lesson #3...Don't get overwhelmed just yet...


Where to begin?

There is so much info!

If I were just starting out, I would find ONE thing to go get a screaming deal on. Buy a Sunday bundle {This week there are no coupons due to Easter... so don't buy this week!}. See if neighbors, parents or grandparents just throw their coupons away and ask them to save them for you. {Multiple sets of coupons are great - more great deals for you!} Print off an internet coupon. Or try one of the deals I've mentioned this weekend.

When you walk out of a store with something completely free or better yet making money... you'll be hooked.

My first experience with this was accidental. Several years ago, I went to Target on an after-Halloween clearance hunt. They had Chips Ahoy cookies on clearance for 90% off. I believe they were 29 cents. There was also a peelie on the cookies for a dollar off when you buy two. I thought I might as well see if they'd accept it. Of course they will! The manufacturers pay them the money for the coupon! So for every 2 packages of cookies I bought that day, I earned 40 cents**! Needless to say, I went home with A LOT of cookies!

**When it comes to overage, different stores handle this differently. Some are fine to give you money back. Some stores {I've had this happen at Smiths} will override the coupon to only give you the amount back you are paying. Other stores just make you use it towards another store item. I usually just buy something extra to cover the overage.**

I walked out of that store in awe and shared that story for a long time... until I realized you can get deals like this every week!

Don't jump in all at once... breathe :)

Once you are hooked, then you can start collecting, organizing and making your weekly game plans. And then I'd love to hear your stories!

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