Winner of the Piano Course on DVD!

What a great turn out we had for our summer giveaway!  And thank you to
Reading Keyboard Music for giving one of our readers a Piano Course on DVD!
Congratulations to Matt Stringham on winning a piano course on DVD that will be shipped directly to you!  Please check your email for details.  

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I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes that readers shared in their comments. We asked...
What do you love about Music?
  • I love the connection it allows between people- I play cello at a Taize service and I love getting people from different walks of life and churches together and singing for peace. - Kylie
  • Being a music teacher, there is nothing about music I don't love  -  Nanarae
  •  Favorite song is "For Good" from Wicked - Bish Fam
  •  There is nothing more that I love then hearing piano music in my house!- Mary
  • I love how music is a fun way to express yourself. My favorite style of music is broadway. -ms
  • My favorite thing about music is the calming effect it has on my kids -Dagney
  • My favorite thing about music is the lasting memories it creates. A song comes on and it's like being back in time again, totally experiencing that moment. I can remember the songs my father played on the piano quite clearly even when other memories have faded. -Marti
  • My favourite thing about music is how happy it makes me. -Wanda
  • I love how a good song can turn a bad day around... =) -Noelle
  • I like the peace music brings to my home :)   - Mary
  •  I love how music can remind you of certain events or feelings - Heather  
  • I love music it keeps me calm and happy and also there when I am not happy -Robin
  • My favorite thing is music's ability to invoke memories, both sad and happy - Melinda
  •  I love that music conveys feelings and emotions so well. -Chris
  •  I have always loved music! I can always find a style to fit my mood! -J Nel
  • I grew up listening to my dad play. I love it and miss it. Being the youngest of 5 I didn't get the chance to learn! - Matt S
  • I have always loved music and especially listening to an individual play the piano... Kathy
  •  My favorite thing about music is it's ability to relax or excite or evoke feelings with just a song. -Holly
  • Music has always been in my life. It soothes me, revives me, helps me celebrate and just keeps me sane! -vwestermeyer
  •  I love how music can evoke a feeling that cannot be described with words, or when you hear a song it takes your right back to a memory -Amanda

    What beautiful expressions of music.  Thank you for making me reflect even more on how much I love music.


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