Monster Birthday Bash: Love Monster's University? Try this Birthday Party!

For Crew's first birthday I thought it was a bit {ahem} fitting if we threw him a monster-themed bash. I had a lot of fun planning the invitation and decorations. One of those times when I laugh at myself for putting so much effort, though, because we only invited one family to come and celebrate with us. It was a great evening, though. The memories are absolutely worth the effort. As one of my friends so perfectly put it, "LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS"! So this is how I show my baby how much I love him :). I would like to claim all these ideas as unique to me, but I have realized my talent lies in duplicating what others have come up with and making it mine :). Such is the case with the invitation, which I loved loved loved:

Monsters and googly eyes were everywhere:

 photo February2013_0202_zpsc2f543ad.jpg
 photo February2013_0205_zpsc6e7c179.jpg
 photo February2013_0251_zps22cd7642.jpg

For party favors we handed out bubbles to all of the kids (even with just our family and our friends, we still ended up with 8 kiddos!)

 photo crewparty1_zpsb183935e.jpg

Activities were simple. We colored pictures:

 photo February2013_0224_zps27189ab8.jpg

Played a Monster Toss game:

 photo crewparty5_zps0fa352cc.jpg

Ate dinner (sandwiches with "monster faces", plenty of kid-friendly snack foods ~ pirate's booty, pretzels, goldfish crackers, soup, and salad). And of course we finished up the meal with birthday cake. My favorite "cake person" from The Cakewalk Shop made the most amazing cake. Probably my favorite she has ever made for me. SO super good. Lemon with fresh raspberry and cream filling:

 photo crewparty2_zpscd5d18aa.jpg

 photo crewparty6_zpsdc37cfe2.jpg
 photo crewparty7_zpsc536b1cd.jpg

Then we ended the evening by letting the kids watch Monsters, Inc. Best part? This kiddo was happy all evening long. Glad he enjoyed his birthday bash :).

 photo February2013_0366_zps536ee687.jpg
 photo February2013_0422_zpsed4333a0.jpg

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