Creative Valentine Box #10 - Robot Version 2

A reader took this Robot Valentine post we wrote and made her own version 2!  We love it!

1.  Gather 2 boxes.  One box was the size of an amazon box and the other a shoebox.
2.  Wrap the boxes in craft or butcher paper.
3.  Glue or tape the boxes together.
4.  Next, cut a mouth hole for the shoebox. We actually had a hole on the top of the amazon box and a trap door in the back so the valentines went through the mouth but were retrieved out the back.
5.  Eyes are juice bottle lids that are glued onto the smaller box.
6.  Glue toilet paper tubes to the sides of the smaller box to make ears.
7.  Glue 16 smarties to the center of the box in a pattern.
8.  Spray paint everything silver.
9.  Glue black construction paper circles on after the spray paint has dried.
7.  Slinkies were glued on at first but they were too heavy for the glue so we reinforced them with silver duck tape.  Use 4 total - 2 for the arms and 2 for the legs.

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