Creative Valentine Box #8 - Valentines Heart Guitar

My second daughter decided she wanted a guitar.  The night before Valentines.  No time to make a fancy guitar like we'd seen at school the previous year.. his grandpa had a wood cutting shop and it was amazing!

So we came up with our homemade guitar.  Hope you enjoy:

Supplies Needed: Small shoe box, fernwood mints box or similar sized rectangular box, knife, scissors, pink and purple construction, red wrapping paper/construction paper or butcher paper, tape, glue, red skinny ribbon, 4-6 yo-yos or round objects, hot glue.

1.  Wrap two boxes (shoe box and rectangular box) in red wrapping paper, construction paper or butcher paper.  Wrap like a present by taping the ends down.
2. Using a knife is most effective to cut a square in the side of the shoe box the size of the rectangular skinny box so it can fit snuggly inside.  I also used the knife to cut a heart shape out of the top of the box large enough to slip valentines in (I actually wrapped the box lid and box separately so friends could actually lift the lid of the box to put larger valentines in and my daughter could open the lid to remove the valentines without ruining her box.
3. Cut pink and purple hearts out of paper and glue them around the boxes as decoration.
4. Cut 4-6 lengths of red ribbon the length of both boxes.  Stretch them across, taping down their ends on the underside of the lid and/or box as to hide the ends.  If you do it on the underside of the box, you can even hide the ends by gluing a decorative heart on top.
5.  Hot glue 4-6 yo-yos at the end of the rectangular box to look like the tuning knobs on a guitar.
6.  Voila! Enjoy!


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