Great Community Service Idea- Halloween Trick or Treating for the Food Bank

My grandma shared a very sweet story with me (forgive me if I tell it wrong because this is from memory).  Her husband died in a plane crash when she was close to my age now.  She had 4 young kids.  At some point she was reading some letters that her mother-in-law (who had died before my grandma ever got to meet her) had written to her son.  In them, she said if you are feeling down, go out and serve someone.  My grandma told me that she took that advice and made an awful lot of bread for others after her husband passed away.

It's a simple story, but it has always touched me and I literally do this when I am down or overly stressed.  I find some way, more often small than big, to serve someone around me.  I have always loved serving others who need things more than me.  It's selfish.  I find so much joy in it.  So anyway.. the next couple of posts (and the last military survival kits one) will share some of my service ideas that have been very fun!

One of my favorite service projects has been trick-or-treating for the food bank.  Simple, fun, and effective!  I was in charge of a youth activity at our church in October and wanted something for Halloween, but also meaningful. So service it was! We had a very fun evening trick-or-treating for the food bank. Not everyone dressed up, but a bunch did and we had a great time. The kids went in small groups and I had broken down our larger surrounding neighborhood by streets.  I assigned each group a certain number of streets to cover and they trick or treated for the food bank.  We did notify the neighborhood ahead of time with flyers on their doors so hopefully there weren't a lot surprised by our activity.  My car was FULL of food to deliver.   At the end we finished with some halloween treats and conversation.  We had a great turn out - I guess everyone still loves Halloween regardless of their age!


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