Serving the Service - Military Survival Kits

We had a great service project a while back. We did an activity with youth and wanted to serve the military.  I happened to have a cousin serving over in Iraq, so with internet help (what did we ever do without the internet?), I came up with a very fun survival kit and we packaged up 16 of them to be distributed to whomever my cousin thought could use a pick-me-up. The funny thing about it is that it was all candy and my cousin was in the medical troop as a dentist!  The youth had a lot of fun putting the kits together and writing letters to unknown servicemen. We talked about what these men and women are doing for our country and I was very pleased with the compassion the teenagers showed and how sincerely grateful they seemed. I am very happy that we were able to give them a chance to see beyond their lives and sheltered community to see what a blessing it is to have freedom.

Here's what the kit said:

Your Personal Military Survival Kit
Gum... to help you stick it out
Sucker... to help you lick your problems
Tootsie roll–...to help you roll
with the punches
Mint... because you are "worth a mint"
Laffy Taffy... to remind you to laugh
Lifesaver ... to remind you that you
are a real lifesaver
Starburst... for when you need a
burst of energy
Crystal light... to lighten your load
Lemonheads... "when life gives you lemons make lemonade"
Fireball... for the times you feel
completely "burned out"


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