10 Class Valentine Party Ideas for Room Mothers and Teachers!

Room Mothers here are 10 of my favorite class party activities we have done for Valentines parties... enjoy!
1. One of my favorites: Valentine Floats!  You make this with vanilla ice cream, Cherry 7-Up and Red Vines for the straw!
 2. Tying and stuffing homemade heart shaped pillows
 3. "Don't Eat Pete" - This is a game that can be used at any class holiday party.  Have one child leave the room.  The rest of the children decide on one spot that is the secret item (you can use raisins, candies, cereal, marshmallows).  The child who left then reenters the group and one by one picks off the pieces of food until the group yells "Don't Eat Pete!" when the secret piece is touched.  Very simple, but very fun!
4.  Valentine Bean Bag Toss - the mom who made this simply used a poster board.  It was so cute!  The beanbags were hearts with ribbon on them to look like cupid's arrows.
 5.  Yummy cookie frosting and decorating - an easy classic that kids always love!
 6. Homemade 3-D Valentine Hearts.  I made this one up and will try to post a demonstration... But essentially, I took strips of red, pink and white paper.  The red were slightly larger than the white, which were slightly larger than the pink.  We folded each side down and stapled them to look like hearts and then attached a pipe cleaner.  Then we tied a ribbon on it.  There is a leaf with a hole punched in it.  Each child got to write to/from on it.  Then we slid it up the pipe cleaner.  The kids took a pencil and curled the pipe cleaner so the leaf wouldn't fall off.  And then they were ready to give this cute 3D valentine to someone special!
7.  Heart Attacks for the Principal - let the kids make hearts and decorate them.  Then decorate the principal's door to show her how much you love her!
8.  Homemade Candy Bracelets - Various circle candy can be put on pull and peel licorice and then tied to make edible candy bracelets.  We used gummy life savers, lifsavers, fruit loops, mint lifesavers, and starbursts (that I cut holes in).
9. Chopsticks and Conversation Hearts... Give the child 1 minute to see how many conversation hearts they can pick up with chopsticks.  See who can pick up the most!  It's harder than you may think!
10.  This year, we are doing a Chocolate Fountain!  I can't wait.  The kids will get to choose from various items to dip: angel food cake, bananas, strawberries, rice krispies, pretzels, gummy bears, brownie bites, marshmallows, pineapple, oreos, graham crackers, nutter butters, etc.  Someone even suggested bacon and potato chips??!?  I'm not so sure about those...

Coming up... Valentine boxes ideas to save you some time AND this year's exciting Valentine party game plans that you are SURE to love! 
Want to see our Valentine boxes?  So many ideas like ipods, robots, guitars, toilet, etc.  Check them out.



meetyouonthemoon said...

Thanks for the great ideas! Love the bean bag toss. The school doesn't allow any sweets or homemade goodies so a lot of these suggestions are out for the school party, but my 2 toddlers will enjoys them at home!

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