"You're a Lifesaver"

 Usually Coupons.com reset at the end of the month, so you may want to snag this coupon while you can.  It's for $1.00 off two bags of lifesavers.  I use things like this for a pick-me-up for a friend, birthdays, coach thank yous or teacher appreciation.  Just attach a cute note that says "You've been a real Lifesaver" and you've got it made!  Click here or on the top right advertisement on my site---------->

Other fun sayings I've used:
"Thanks a million" with 10 mini hundred grand bars (Walmart sells them 8 for a dollar).  Wrap it in cellophane and attach the note.
Hope your birthday is "Sparkling" with fun! tied around a jar of Sparkling Apple Cider
"You're a Star" tied with a package of starbursts for a dance recital
"You skor high in our book" {Skor bar}
Happy Valentines to a "popular" aunt or grandparent {Bag of popcorn}
Thought you could use some hugs & kisses {cellophane bags of Hershey's hugs & kisses mixed}
A little "soap"rise for your birthday! {Attach to Bath & Body Works soap that you can get on killer deals!}

I have so many of these up my sleeve... I'll be sure to post more corny sayings another day.  But for now, you may want to print off this coupon.  Sometimes coupons.com allows coupons only in certain zipcodes, so hopefully you can find this one in your zipcode. 

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