Happy Birthday Swagbucks!

Happy Birthday, Swagbucks! Big changes for today for swagbucks. Today's the day to sign up if you haven't. You get double the swagbucks today for signing up. They are being VERY generous in awarding swagbucks for searching the internet. There are codes going on all day for extra bucks. In fact, there is one right now on the facebook fan page in their status.

So what are swagbucks?

It's a search engine called swagbucks that pays you to search the internet. I just put it as my homepage to search from instead of google or yahoo (after signing up through this link). Then I earn swag bucks randomly for the searches I do everyday anyway. What can you do with the swagbucks? I found out you can use them for a variety of gift cards and prizes, including Amazon.com. I have earned $15.00 in Amazon gift cards in less than a month, just from doing the searches I was already doing. It's legit and it's free! Might be worth checking out if you are interested, just click HERE...

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