Getting started lesson #4...What's a price match?

Did you know that Walmart will price match any advertiser's ad?

I thought everybody knew this, but am realizing that many people do not. I save all of my local grocery store ads that come weekly. When I need to go grocery shopping, I make a list of all the things I need. Then I find the cheapest price in all the ads and write that down with the letter of the store by the item (just in case they ask to see the ad). I continue down my list. Once this is done, I go to my coupon list (right now there are only lists for select states) on pinchingyourpennies and see if any coupons match up to what I am buying. Then I clip them and paperclip it to my list. Finally take your ads with you! 99.9% of the time they don't even ask me for the ads. I get up to the check stand and say I'd like to price match these items and they just ask the price. But one time I had the cashier ask for the ads and I was sure glad I had them after filling my cart with groceries.

Once I get to Walmart, I watch for 3 things:

1. Walmarts prices are often cheaper than the lowest competitors price. In that case, I scratch it off so I don't price match a higher one!

2. Sometimes the lowest competitors price + coupon is still more expensive than the generic brand. Assuming I can live with the generic brand (there are some things I just have to have the brand name of... i.e. my kids don't like any kind of storebought macaroni and cheese but Kraft. Do you have things like this?), I just get that item instead and save the coupon for another day. Whenever I save a coupon I didn't use for whatever reason, I staple it back into the insert I got it out of so I can find it at a future date.

3. Watch sizes closely. Make sure you get the same ounces as are listed in the competitors ads and coupons. The one time Walmart wanted to check my ad was when they needed to verify the size of cereal I was buying. Plus, we want to be honest so they'll keep providing this price matching.

*I have found Walmart Neighborhood Markets to be the best with this. They specialize in food and are used to price matching. The Walmart Supercenters will also price match, it just seems to be a little more complicated and they have always asked me for ads!

**Walmart will not price match percentages off or buy one get one free.

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