Price adjustment

Last week, I got a swimsuit from Target.com and only 3 days later it went down in price by $3.00. Fortunately they allow price adjustments and all I had to do was call in and they adjusted it for me with no questions asked. Did you know many stores offer this? You don't even have to take in the items, just the receipt and they will honor it. Some of the stores time frames that they will price adjust from original purchase are:

Gymboree - 7 days
Gap, Banana Republic - 7 days
Old Navy - 14 days
Target -14 days
Children's Place - 14 days
{They will only price adjust from full price merchandise paid.
So if you got the item on clearance and it goes cheaper, Children's Place will not adjust}
Eddie Bauer - 14 days
{from the day it was shipped if done online. They also will not adjust clearance items}

There have been many times I bought items at a store and then it goes on an even better sale a few days later. I walk in and ask them to price adjust my items. Within moments, I am getting money back. Love it!

Check your favorite stores to see what their time frames are. If you google the store name and "price adjustment", you can find most store's policies.

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