Some things I've learned about Walgreens...

Today I went to Walgreens and was reminded of a few "rules" that I wanted to share with all of you...

1. You have to buy as many items as you have coupons/register rewards for. I bought the Colgate toothbrush for $3.29 and had a previous RR for $3.00 plus a coupon for .75 off my toothbrush. Since I had 2 "coupons", I had to get a filler item. This can be anything, even their .12 clearance Easter pencils or candy. {And by the way, the register rewards for this printed out as $3.50! So I bought the toothbrush for $2.54 and got back almost a dollar more!}

2. You cannot use your register rewards for the same product and get another register rewards. I.e. I could use the register rewards right then to buy another Colgate toothbrush. But another register rewards would not print out! I just used my register rewards I earned from buying chapstick to buy shaving cream and the RR from the shaving cream to pay for the toothbrush and it worked out fine. {Don't know what I am talking about? See here.}

3. Register rewards have to reach or exceed the amount of the item after coupons but before taxes. So don't buy something for $2.99 and use a $3.00 RR, it won't work. Either use a filler item like I mentioned or save your RR for a future purchase.

4. Register rewards do expire. You usually have a couple of weeks, but WATCH THE DATE!

**While I was there, I browsed through the 75% off Easter items. There were .12 pencils with spring erasers and .12 mini puzzles (great basket fillers for next year...), and huge pads of 319 stickers for .37 (Easter Bunnies and Disney characters). Great filler items if you need them for your purchases!

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