Creative Valentine's Box #15 - Batmobile

 Here's a cute Batmobile box my sister did with her son!

Supplies needed:
Shoe Box
Black Spray Paint
Yellow Spray Paint
Yellow Vinyl shapes or yellow paper
Yellow and Red Tissue Paper
Toilet Paper or Paper Towel empty tube
Optional: Batman Ducktape
Hot Glue Gun/Glue

1. Cut cardboard to desired shapes to make top of the car, wings and wheels. Trim paper towel tubes down to desired sizes for tail pipe and bottom of the propeller.
2. With hot glue gun, attach all the parts of the car EXCEPT the propeller and stand to be in the shape you desire. Cut a hole out of the back of the shoe box and slip paper towel tube in for tail pipe. (Optional, if you have batman ducktape, wrap the tail pipe with this instead of spray painting it. If you do this, don't attach it until you have spray painted.)
3. Spray paint the entire car/wheels/top with black spray paint.
4. Cut 6 cardboard strips of cardboard for the propeller.
5. Spray paint propeller strips with yellow spray paint and let them dry. Also spray paint toilet paper tube for the base of the propeller.
6. Once propeller parts are dry, hot glue together and affix to the car.
7. You can either make batman yellow shapes with a vinyl cutter or with yellow cardstock paper.  Affix these to the car where desired.
8. Cut an opening flap out of the front of the box to drop Valentines into.
9. If tail pipe still needs to be put on, do so now and then hot glue red and yellow tissue paper coming out of the tail pipe to look like fire.

This box is sure to make a super hero fan's day! See our other Valentine Boxes and Ideas!

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