Creative Valentine's Box #14 - Star Wars Yoda Box

Star Wars Valentine's Box

For all your little and big Star Wars Fans brought to you by my talented sister at Wishful Thinking Photography!

Shoebox or Cereal Box
Green Paint
Green Construction Paper
Jedi Costume
Printed Yoda Head
Tape or Glue

1. Paint a show box or empty cereal box green (make sure you cut out an insert for Valentines first!).
2. Print a Yoda Head off the internet, like the one here...
3. Wrap your dry green painted box with a jedi costume. (If you don't have one, you can make a homemade one or buy one through Amazon!)
4. Glue or tape the printed Yoda head to the top of the box. 
5. Cut two feet out of green construction paper and glue to the bottom of the box.

This box is sure to get attention and the smiles of the classmates! See our other Valentine Boxes and Ideas!

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