Creative Valentine Box #13 - Valentine's Wii!

My 4th grade daughter made this Wii Valentine's Box all herself and I thought it was a fun idea! This is about as easy and simple as it gets and I loved that she was able to do it 100% herself...

Supplies Needed:
Smaller Sized Cereal Box
White Butcher Paper/Wrapping Paper (Regular Paper can work as well)
White or Red String
2 Rectangular wooden blocks (or empty boxes)
Paper Hearts, Foam Heart Stickers or other Decor

1. Wrap the Cereal box and 2 Rectangular Wooden Blocks with white paper
2. At the end of the cereal box, cut a rectangular opening for Valentines to be able to be inserted.
3. With a marker, draw the buttons and words on the Wii remotes to match.
4. Tape or glue paper hearts and foam stickers on the Wii and remotes as desired.
5. Tape String to the end of the remote to symbolize the cords.  My daughter did it in a big loop.

Simple, make it yourself, and cute!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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