8 Easy Dr. Seuss Activites you do with things from home

Here are some fun Activities for home, parties or school to celebrate the beloved Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day on March 2nd!

1. Edible Dr. Seuss Hats
  • Take an oreo and frost it with vanilla frosting.  
  • Place a red gummy lifesaver in the center of the frosted oreo
  • Place a layer of vanilla frosting on top of the gummy lifesaver.
  • Continue this layering as many times as you want!

2. Hat Relay in honor of Bartholemew Cubbins {The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins}
So fun!  We placed 2 stacks of hats side by side in our family room.  The teams had to run down, help one team mate put all hats on their head without them falling off. Take them all off and then run back.  Truly it just turned into a group activity because everyone wanted a chance!
The record was one of my kids was able to keep 28 hats on at once!

3. Dr. Seuss Says
Rather than "Simon Says". My oldest did "Dr. Seuss says".  When she gave an instruction that started with "Dr. Seuss says..." {touch your nose, turn around, touch the ground, etc.}, the kids followed.  If she didn't say "Dr. Seuss Says" and they did the action, they were out.  The last one standing got a chance to wear the cat in the hat tophat and be the leader.

4. Homemade Skits
Huge highlight!  My kids made very fast plays to the various Dr. Suess Stories.  They "tried" to do the whole show in 3 minutes highlighting Dr. Seuss Stories, it was more like 5-7 minutes!  But it was so much fun.  Above is a snapshot of a scene from The Cat in the Hat.
They also acted out The Sneetches, The Zax, Green Eggs and Ham, etc.    

5. Homemade Oobleck.  My kids are science lovers and this is a very fun activity. Using the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck, we wanted to make our own concoction of the strange phenomenon Bartholomew uses.  The perfect recipe is found here on Rachel's Post:
And you are in for lots of fun and a little mess too!

6. Dr. Seuss Read-a-thon
Pull out the blankets, Dr. Seuss Collection, Some snacks and a fireplace if it's cold.  My kids sat around and read all the Dr. Seuss books and think it's extra special to have a read-a-thon at home.  They bring down their pillows and sleeping bags too.

7. Rhyming Story Go-Around
I start a story that goes in a rhyming sequence like Dr. Seuss uses and then at some point would stop, where my oldest picks up and then stops.  Then the next oldest picks up the story and then we continue on to the next child and eventually it comes back to me. It's fun to stop in the middle of a rhyming stanza so they are forced to come up with a sentence that ends in a rhyme!  Warning: these can get silly, but are lots of fun!

8. Homemade Dr. Seuss Book
Wish I had a copy of this, but I had the kids design their own Dr. Seuss Book.  They each had to create an animal that was not normal.  A Giraffewhale or Elephlizard.  They drew the picture of the animal and then made a poem up about it in Dr. Seuss Style.  We compiled all the pictures together and spiral bound it for a Dr. Seuss Book to add to our reading collection.  I still have it somewhere, but haven't seen it since I moved.  If I find it, I will for sure post pictures as they were so fun!

 Don't miss out on oodles of ideas we have shared in previous years including Hairstyles, Green Eggs and Ham, Site Word Games, etc.  Happy Dr. Seuss Day on March 2nd. It's right around the corner!

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