Halloween Spider Hairstyle

We recently made a move and found out that they don't dress up for Halloween at the school!  If you know us and our love for creative Halloween costumes, you'll know we were a little bummed.  But that's okay, lots of chances to dress up at neighborhood parties and trick-or-treating.  I talked to my kids about how we can wear orange and black and fun hairdos to compensate.  Here's an idea we did last year that was simple and fun!

1.  We pulled my daughter's hair back in fun buns, but really you could do braids, twists, ponytails, etc.
2.  I used black 4 black pipecleaners per bun to make a total of 8 legs.  I twisted the entire pipecleaner around the bun, twisted the two ends around eachother to secure them and then bent each side of the of the pipecleaners to look like spider legs.
3.  Finally I hot glued 2 googly eyes directly onto the pipecleaners (not the hair!).
4.  I repeated the steps on the other side of her hair.

It was a really fun hairdo and got some fun attention.  Even if your child gets to dress up at school, you can enjoy this hairdo all month long.  Hope you enjoy!

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