Summer Treat Idea: Homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

My kids and I came up with a fun summer treat!  We were at the store and they wanted cookie sandwiches, but I had 7 people to buy those for and the prices were adding up at $2.00/cookie sandwich.  So we made our own.

We bought large soft cookies {$1.19 was the cost for 10 cookies!} and a carton of ice cream {both vanilla and cookie dough ice cream are yummy options}.  Optional: My kids say you can buy m & ms or sprinkles to put on the sides.

After that, you simply put a scoopful of icecream between the two cookies.  Press them together and smooth out the sides. {Note that in the above picture, the sample had been sitting for a while and was melting a little.  But they turned out yummy and great!}

See this video that my daughter put together for us:

For best results, make sure you eat right away!

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