5 tips to making Easter Egg hunts more enjoyable for everyone!

1.  Color Coordinate: A fun idea to ease your Easter morning is to request that the Easter Bunny color coordinates your Easter baskets!  Each child puts their baskets out the night before. The next morning, whatever color of grass, tissue or crinkly paper is in their basket, is also the color of plastic eggs they can gather around the house.

This makes for a fun activity for the kids to each find their own eggs in their own time without worrying that child who takes their time and enjoys the moment will miss out on finding more than just a couple of eggs.  My kids love it!

2. Community or Cousin Egg Hunt: You don't have to only attend city egg hunts with thousands of kids.  We love more intimate neighborhood, cousin or cul-de-sac egg hunts.  Have every family bring a dozen filled plastic eggs per child they are bringing.  Then the parents each hide the eggs they brought in the designated hunt area.  The kids get to run out and find a certain amount of eggs.  This makes it fun for everyone and a lot simpler to organize!

3.  Alternatives to Candy: Hide money in eggs or even small erasers, bouncy balls, and small trinkets to avoid too much candy. We usually hide coins, even gold dollars, which makes it fun to see what you've earned.  One year, my in-laws hid dollar bills for the adults and then a select number of 10s and 20s.  It was a fun surprise, but warning it gets a little competitive with adults!

4.   Headstart for the Youngsters: Give the younger kids a head start so they don't get trampled over and so they can get the easier eggs up front.  I've also seen where areas are roped off for certain age groups.

5.  Throw in some prizes to shake it up a bit: Have a grand prize egg, make it golden or unique in some sort of way.  I have also seen where you put a slip of paper inside certain eggs that says "redeem for a prize".  Then you can have a prize table where there are various larger prizes from the dollar store for the child to choose from.


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