St. Patrick's Day Lesson Plan #2

My kiddos were so lucky to have a year of "Grandma School" with their cousins.  Grandma did a preschool activity with them weekly and it was the highlight of their week.  So here are some of her fun ideas for St. Patrick's Day!

Arts and Crafts
Tissue Shamrocks:

These are done by cutting squares (about 1"x1") of green tissue paper.  She used different shades of green tissue paper for variety.  
Place the squares on the bottom of a pencil eraser.  Then dip the end into a pool of glue (I put it on a paper plate).  Place the tissue with glue end on a shamrock shaped template.  You can do this as many times as you want to fill the entire template.Then cut the shamrock out and voila, you have an adorable 3-D craft!

Color Explosion Experiment:

Watch the above video to see the kids in action - they LOVED this!  The kids used a pie pan full of milk and dropped various drops of food coloring in.  Then taking a cotton swab dipped in dish soap, you can make all the colors explode and create a tie-dye sort of look.  Check out a very detailed explanation on why this occurs at one of my favorite Science websites:


Lots to choose from, but here are a few ideas...

I Can Sing a Rainbow:

  I can Sing a Rainbow is a favorite amongst grandma and her grandkids.  This time, two cute grandkids taught the others how to do the sign language along with the music (Here's a great video we found online that demonstrates it).  I was impressed with how long the 2-3 year olds stayed at attention.  It's all about teaching them kinesthetically or hands-on!

 St. Patrick's Day Bingo - there are countless free printables online, here are some of my favorites:

Bingo Version 1
Bingo Version 2
Bingo Version 3

Want more ideas and fun to celebrate leprechaun mischief??
R is for Rainbow and  Shamrock Printables and St. Patrick's Day Lesson Plan #1
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