St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Trap #2

 In 3rd grade, I arrived at school and our classroom was in chaos.  Chairs were upside down, in the bathroom, strung from lights.  Paper was strewn everywhere.  Desks were turned over.  It was a mess.  Our teacher told us that a leprechaun had come to make some mischief.  I think we found gold coins, if my memory serves me right.  It was a very fun day.

So the tradition carries with my own children and there is chaos in our house on St. Patrick's Day!

 Since then, we have added leprechaun traps to try and catch that naughty leprechaun!  So far no luck.  Some years, we have made fancy traps, but many years my kids have gotten their own supplies and created whatever they could (Look back at this post and you'll see the simple one at the bottom with green dots to lure them in).  I think it is so valuable for kids to use their imaginations and creativity to come up with things.  Last year, my kids took cereal boxes and string to create this box.  When the leprechaun knocked the string or stick down, the box trapped him inside.  They even put green M&Ms there to lure him in.  Still no luck!

One year, they simply had string all throughout my house connected to doors so when one opened, the other closed.  It was quite meticulous. 

But some years we have been ambitious and made this one that we found on Family Fun and posted last year.  The years we have worked together as a family have been very bonding and fun.  It just depends on what kind of year, month or day you are having!  So here's my sister's cute trap from last year if this is one of those years you want to be more ambitious!  

Supplies needed:
Cylinder container (there are lots of options in my food cupboard, oatmeal tubs work great)
Green paint
Toy wooden ladder (or make your own out of sticks)
Green Beads
Shamrock shape cut out of cardboard
Various shades of green paper torn up
Green pipe cleaner - this is sparkly green
Gold Coin

1. Paint the cylinder container green and let dry.
2. Glue individual torn papers of green paper onto pre-cut shamrock shape.  Continue to glue and overlap until the entire cardboard shamrock is covered.  Let dry
3.  Cut a square flap/opening out of the top of the shamrock.
4. Wrap green pipe cleaner around the stick in a spiral.  This may take 2 or 3 pipecleaners.
5.  Tie a string (you can glue the string also) to a gold coin and tie the other end to the top of your stick.

6. Wrap green beads around your ladder for decoration.

7.  Attach the shamrock to the cylinder container with glue or tape.
8.  Place the stick inside the flap on the top of the shamrock and place the ladder against the tophat.

They say a leprechaun will do anything for a piece of gold!  Hopefully he will fall in your trap door and you'll be lucky!

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