Dr. Seuss Roundup: 50 Fun Activities, Printables, Crafts, Snacks, and Lesson Plans

Are you as excited as we are to celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday this weekend? We have been gearing up by reading books and doing all sorts of crafts. We are looking forward to going to the birthday party that our local library is hosting. We have also gathered together a list of  50 fun crafts and activities that we could do to celebrate. If you were looking for a few last-minute ways to celebrate, check out some of these fun ideas--some are things we have shared before on this blog, and others are ideas we found across the Internet.
  1. Design your own hat like that of Bartholomew Cubbins
  2. Play a Cat in the Hat Balloon Toss game
  3. Make a Handprint Thing 1 and Thing 2
  4. Play fun online games at Seussville!
  5. Make a red and white tissue paper hat
  6. Make a Cat in the Hat themed snack--here are just a few to try: strawberries, cookie, and whipped cream; strawberries and bananas; gummy lifesavers and cookie
  7. Make your own creative top hat--you can use colorful paper as  in this craft or you can use paper plates as the base as in this craft.
  8. Try stacking styrofoam circles to make your own giant cat in the hat pattern.
  9. Try one of the Cat in the Hat crafts found here, such as a pasta noodle stick puppet.
  10. Make Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes with cotton candy "hair."
  11. Make green eggs and ham candy treats
  12. Play this Green Eggs and Ham sight word game.
  13. Eat Green Eggs and Ham for Breakfast (You could also try this different version of green eggs).
  14. Tell the story Ten Apples Up on Top by stacking homemade egg carton apples.
  15. Practice rhyming with green eggs or play some of the rhyming games found here.
  16. Play Pin the heart on the Grinch game
  17. Dress up like a Who with Crazy Hair
  18. Make a Dr. Seuss fish snack with blue Jell-O
  19. Go fishing in your own pretend pond (see if you can catch anything as crazy as in  the book McElligott's Pool).
  20. Try this tissue paper One Fish Two Fish craft
  21. Count  or graph with goldfish
  22. Try making some of these Seuss-themed treats
  23. Build your own Dr. Seuss City
  24. Make a miniature Hot Air Balloon to go on adventures as in Oh the Places You'll Go!
  25. Make your own Foot Book
  26. Decorate with homemade truffula trees or serve Dr. Seuss treats like "Pink Yink Ink" (i.e., pink lemonade) as in this party
  27. Surprise your children with wacky items like a shoe on the wall (as in Wacky Wednesday)
  28. Make a handprint Lorax or make your own Lorax mustache for a photo op.
  29. Learn about The Lorax by making stick puppets or trying other activities found here.
  30. Make hand-print fish or Fox in Socks puppets found here.
  31. Make your own Oobleck and have fun playing with it!
  32. Make your own Horton the elephant ears and trunk.
  33. Make your own flower and speck for Horton Hears a Who--Version 1 with chenille stems and Version 2 with pieces of foam paper.
  34. Create your own wacky Dr. Seuss character with play-doh and a few accessories.
  35. Serve your children a Dr. Seuss-themed Muffin Tin Meal
  36. Try some activities in this fun, free Dr. Seuss-themed packet
  37. Play a Sneetches themed freeze dance or musical chairs game with stars.
  38. Decorate Dr. Seuss placemats or try some other "D is for Dr. Seuss" preschool activities.
  39. Inspire your child to read with a Dr. Seuss-themed reading chart.
  40. Try a Montessori Dr. Seuss-inspired activity
  41. Balance a (Swedish) Fish on a Dish or try another Seuss-inspired toddler activity found here.
  42. Watch a Dr. Seuss movie (such as The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas).
  43. Set up your own Dr. Seuss photo booth such as this photo booth or this Cat in the Hat photo scene.
  44. Make your own Truffula trees and make Play Doh scenes
  45. Practice the ABC's Dr. Seuss style
  46. Make your own turtles (for Yertle the Turtle) and practice counting, too!
  47. Try one of these lesson plans available from Seussville
  48. Print out and complete this free Dr. Seuss "All About Me" book
  49.  Read about the history of Dr. Seuss
  50.  Watch or listen to clips from Seussical the Musical.
Do you have a great Dr. Suess-themed idea to share? We'd love to hear your comments below!


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