On the tenth day of Christmas: Grandpa Time Tickets!

Last year I posted about our homemade Christmas and it was hands down the most meaningful Christmas we have ever had.  In fact, ever since then, my kids come up with very creative homemade gifts for each other intermingled with store-bought gifts.

Last year, my uncle passed away and when I was over at their house after the funeral, I saw this wonderful homemade Christmas present idea hanging on tree.  Intrigued, I asked about it.  Every year, he gave each grandkid a "grandpa time" ticket.  They got to spend one-on-one time with him doing an activity.  

As I thought about it shortly after the funeral, I thought how those times were much more precious than any present could be a substitute for.

What a great idea for grandparents or parents!


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The Bish Fam said...

I love that idea! What a great memory :)