Birthday Party Idea: Alice in Wonderland!

My daughter wanted an Alice in Wonderland party.  It was a fun excuse to be a little crazy like the mad hatter.  
The decor...

 Party plans:
  • Arrive in foolish attire!
  • Mixed up characters: The kids were each given a character from Alice in Wonderland on their back at the start of the party.  Others had to talk to them as if they were that character.  The goal was to figure out who you were.
  • Painting the Roses red for the Queen of Hearts: a.k.a making rose flower clips
  • Mixed up words: Since everything is mixed up in Wonderland, the kids unscrambled 20 different words from the movie
  • House of Cards: They each tried to build their own house of cards.  This wasn't easy!

  • Alice in Wonderland charades
  • "I never" : a backwards kind of game.  This game is played where everyone stands up.  Then you go around the circle and say something you have never done.  If other people have done it, they have to sit down.  You continue until only one person is standing.  Ex: "I never have been to Disneyland" and then everyone who has been to Disneyland has to sit down.
  • Spray bottle categories - another silly game.  The group sits in a circle.  Then one person stands in the middle with a spray bottle and states a category, types of cereal for example.  They go around the circle and everyone has to list off a cereal.  The person who guesses the one that the sprayer has in mind, gets sprayed and then takes over being the sprayer.

Mad Hatter Tea party including the "clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down" where the kids had to move around the table periodically.  We also had drinks that said "drink me" and fruit that said "eat me" to go along with the cake and ice cream.

The cake:

I made this cake by baking each layer in pyrex casserole dishes.  I just chose 3 different sizes. Then I frosted with Neon food coloring to brighten it up.  The bottom layer has lemon heads.  The middle layer was the colorful licorice cut to size.  The top layer had sour cherry balls.  Then I stuck bamboo skewers at the top with gumdrops coming out of them.  I put the skewers coming out of the top of the cake,  tied a polka-dot bow at the bottom of the skewers  and finished it with crazy candles!

And we ended with crazy party bags!
It was a wonderful party and the kids had a lot of fun being crazy and silly with each other!
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