May Day Celebrations or Birthday Party Ideas

(Treat Idea: Flower Pot pudding with oreos sprinkled on top and a fake flower stuck in, flower cookies and mini-cakes)

May Day is not really a celebrated U.S. holiday, unless you have a child who's birthday falls on that day like me.  But these fun activities could work for a birthday party, preschool or school lesson plan on spring in general or just for fun!

The party guests arrived in spring dresses and we made them ribbon tiaras.  They also received ribbon wands when they arrived and danced to music while we waited for everyone to arrive.

We had three stations:
1. Frosting and decorating gingerbread cookies.  It's a tradition to have gingerbread cookies on May Day!
 2.  Making necklaces with flower beads - these were really simple, strung on skinny ribbon and tied behind their neck.  Very easy for young kids to make...
3.  Homemade pillows.  Another fun craft.  I found flower fleece fabric and I pre-cut 2 equal squares and fringed the edges.  Then the girls tied the two fringe ties together on each side, stuffed it with stuffing and it was a complete non-sewing craft!
1.  Our homemade maypole.
I taught them how to weave in and out, we sang songs and played a few fun games.

2. “Do You Love Your Neighbor”. 
  I explained that people left baskets for their neighbors.  This was one of the favorite games for the girls.  They sat in a circle and one person was in the middle.  They had to go up to someone and ask if they loved their neighbor.  They either said yes, and the two neighbors quickly traded seats with the person in the middle trying to get one of them or the person said “No, but I love everyone…” and finished it with wearing pink or in kindergarten.  Then everyone who it applied to had to trade seats. 

3. Basket Game with a basket full of flowers.   
Someone would hide it while another person was out of the room.  Then the group would sing “A Tisket, A Tasket” more loudly as they got closer to the basket (Like Hot and Cold).  This was another favorite of the group.  

4. Pinata Time! 
 Two different cake ideas I've done different years.  Above is a VERY SIMPLE cupcake flower design.
This flowerpot cake was done by frosting cupcakes and then taking starbursts and shaping the flower petals of a daisy.  In the flower center I used a gumdrop.  I stuck chic kabob sticks in the bottom so they would stand up in the flower pot and filled the flower pot with crinkly grass to give it some dimension.  Then I just painted the flower pot white, although you could leave it plain as well.

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