Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

To say my 2 year old was a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan is an understatement. He could name every character including Pete and Clarabelle Cow! I have to admit that my very early riser got to watch Mickey Mouse every morning while I tried to sneak in an extra half hour of sleep. So in honor of his obsession {and our belief that he had a crush on Minnie}, we threw a Mickey Mouse 2nd birthday party.
I made the cake(s)...
1. For each cake use one cake mix.  Bake one 8 or 9" cake and 2 mini cakes ( I actually just use small, glass pyrex bowls for these).
2.  Frost the cakes with chocolate frosting.
3. Blend oreos in a blender to a fine powder.  Sprinkle directly on frosting when it's done, so they will stick.
4.  Use Red Icing Tube to draw on the letter M
5. Sprinkle Red Sprinkles with a spoon in the letter M.  If you use a spoon, you can gently put it only in the letter.
6.  Add a bow for Minnie's cake or your child's name to spruce it up.

My son promptly added his marking to his birthday cake...
I ordered a few party plates and goodies and got each party guest a Mickey coloring book and crayons as  a favor.

My oldest did the rest of the party! She was wonderful. She dressed up as Mickey and literally walked the kids through a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. She came in and started the party just as the show normally starts with Mickey talking to the party guests and she had a Toodles that they would get tools from for the games. The games they played were:

A color/shape matching game
"Don't Wake the Sleeping Giant" {aka Daddy} - He laid a sleep and they had to tip toe across the room without him knowing it or he would catch them.  It is played like sharks and minnows in the pool.  The kids laughed so hard!
Following the Leader {Mickey} to find Toodles - the kids had to follow the exact actions/moves of the leader as they found Toodles.
Parachute Time with a stuffed Mickey
Freeze Dance while my daughter played "Mickey Mouse March" on the piano
Bean Bag toss into baskets with characters on them

We ended with cake and ice cream followed by presents... The kids were sooo excited to have Mickey visit his party! Some really thought he was the real deal!
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