Carnival or Circus Birthday Party Ideas

In honor of my 4 year old's birthday, I wanted to go back and share his first birthday party.  Where did the time go?
Remember my creative daughter who loves to organize things?
Well I decided to set her in charge of the party.  And she did a GREAT job!
She actually assigned each family member a "station" to be in charge of at a carnival/circus. Each of the kids chose activities to be in charge of and came up with all the activities to go with it and then I gave everyone tickets to go to the various activities.

What could you get for just one ticket?


Freeze Dance while my oldest played a carnival piano piece

Balloon Toss to Disney Music

Parachute with balloons
 Bean Bag Toss
A tour of the circus animals (stuffed animals)

Puppet Show
Fishing Pond Game  (where they received their party bags)

It was a *perfect* one year old party. My baby was laughing and happy the whole time. We spent as much or as little on an activity as we needed to entertain him.
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