Reading incentives

I am a huge advocate of children reading and being read to. It all began when I taught school and saw what a difference it made and it has continued as I have seen the positive effects of it in my own home.

So... with summer HERE... I'll share a few fun summer reading ideas:

"Teachers and parents need to promote the idea that books are as much a part of summer as swimming, fireworks, and ice cream! Pack up books with your traveling gear! Let's not take a vacation from reading.

Jim Trelease, author of the million-copy best seller, THE READ ALOUD HANDBOOK, says, "Parents take their children to the mall ten times more often than they take them to the library!" May we suggest the next time you go to the mall, stop at the library to check out BOOKS!"

(Nancy Livingston, one of my favorite college professors)

Summer Reading Program at your local library - here is a link to my county library. Check out your own. Ours has prizes each month with a free book at the end. The last couple of years, adults could participate too!

Barnes and Noble
1. Kids read any eight (8) books of their own choosing, keep a journal about their favorite parts of the books and return a form between May 26th & September 7th, 2009. In return, they will get a FREE book from a list of titles.

Borders - Not my favorite summer reading program because you have to purchase your reward at the end for 50% off the original price, but if you want the book ANYWAY, 50% is a great discount!

Utah Governor's Reading Program - At this website, you can download the calendar and bookmarks. Most local libraries also carry a hard copy of this calendar with a postcard inside you can mail to the governor when you are done to say you accomplished the program. In the past, they have sent a certificate of achievement along with some fun extras as rewards.

Happy Reading!

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