How to best use Double Coupons...

Sorry I have not posted sooner... I have had quite the day. But I did go out and use my double coupons at Albertsons this morning. Remember, these end tomorrow! So get out soon and take advantage of them. What I find to be best with double coupons is:

1. Use the full amount they allow - $1.00 to maximize the deal. $1.00 off of 1 item is the best scenario.

2. Choose carefully. Some things you can double, take them down to the regular price you would pay for at Walmart.

3. We all know Albertsons is higher priced than some stores. But when Albertsons is a better source to go to than others is with their big sales combined with COUPONS, especially ones that give you automatic deductions when you spend a certain amount. {You can't price match that!} My point = try to match up your double coupon to an ongoing promotion.

Some great ideas to go along with their promotion of Spend $15/save $3.00:
**Tropicana $1/1 - $3.00 - doubled coupon = $1.00
{Tropicana Juice club Between 3/23 thru 6/14/09 Buy 4 participating Tropicana Premium 64 oz or Trop50 59 oz Get the 5th one FREE! Coupon will print on qualifying transaction receipt. This is cumulative meaning you don't have to purchase all of them in one transaction!}
**1 Quaker Life Maple & Brown Sugar Life Cereal $1/1 - $2.00 - doubled coupon = FREE
**Quaker True Delights Granola Bars $1/1 Internet Coupon, or $1/1 from 3/1 insert - $2.50 - doubled coupon = .50
**Quaker Fiber & Omega Granola Bars $1/1 from 4/19 Red Plum insert -$2.50 -doubled coupon = .50
**Rice a Ronis or Pasta Ronis $1/3 - $1.25 each - double coupon = .58/box
**Sun Chips $1/2 - $2.79 - doubled coupon = $1.79/bag

These prices do not reflect the $3.00 taken off if you spend $15.00. This will make each item .20 cheaper if you particpate...

**And by the way, Albertsons gave me NO PROBLEM with black and white printed coupons like other stores are requiring now. Obviously different stores are more picky than others! I also had 2 sheets of double coupons and they were really nice about letting me use them in the same shopping trip. I just let a few people in line go in front of me.**

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